Business Degrees

Earn a degree in business

A degree in business is one of the most popular degrees around. It can be general enough to cover all of the important principles that are applicable to the operation of a company, or it can focus on a specific business aspect to refine your knowledge. Whether you choose to study in a traditional institution or earn your business degree online, learn about business basics and what to expect from business school.

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Business School

A traditional business school is a university-level institution with a fairly specific focus. You will be able to works towards a degree in business administration, which can cover everything from accounting to public relations at various academic levels. Generally, business degree programs will rely on course work and case studies to train the students. The case studies are a particularly important resource, as they introduce specific challenges that are relevant to a specific program. For instance, international business degrees will most likely incorporate cases involving some challenges of cultural interaction and trade relations.

The bachelor's degree is the first level of business school, followed by the master's degree and then the doctoral degree. An associate's degree may be offered through the business department of a college or university, or by an institution that is not connected to the university. For instance, associate accounting degrees are commonly earned through a business school that is operated more like a business than a school. This will not carry the same certification as a bachelor's degree, but it will be good preparation for any further business education.

Online Business Degree

Rapidly advancing computer technology has allowed for online training in a range of subjects, and in the case of ecommerce degrees, the Internet will likely be a more appropriate setting for study than a campus. Most online business programs will require you to build core business knowledge, including basic accounting, marketing and management principles. An online business degree program will be based on coursework and case studies, but since you will not have the physical structure of a traditional business school, self-discipline will be a crucial tool for your success.