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If you are driven by a passion for business and analysis, you may find a career in economics to be very fulfilling. Economics combines the theories of natural science and mathematics in order to evaluate trends in money, production and trade, and these techniques are typically learned through the course of a bachelor's degree in economics. There are many institutions that provide training in economics; your lifestyle, academic background and work experience will determine your ideal path.

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Careers in Economics

Economics degrees can better prepare you for a career in a variety of business sectors. For instance, with an upper-level economics degree, like a master's degree in economics, you would likely qualify for an upper management position in a business or agency that may not be centered on finance or government. After all, every business operates within the economy, and each will need expert advice and guidance for their purchasing and marketing. In contrast to finance degrees, a degree in economics provides a wider skill set that goes beyond monetary analysis.

You can choose from a variety of enticing careers in the economics field, from government to academia, to find a position that matches your specialty or specific interest. However, every career that is based on economics will require some formal training. Many top colleges and universities offer bachelor degree programs will require each student to attend classes in microeconomics, macroeconomics, investment and law over four years. If this traditional route will not work for you, consider working towards an online economics degree.

Online Economics Degrees

The accessibility of online or distance learning programs will appeal to working professionals, who may find it difficult to balance school with the other aspects of a busy life. Online technology allows for a fruitful and helpful online education experience—live lectures are easily delivered over the Internet, online forums allow for student interaction and professors are just as easily contacted online as on a campus.

Economics training is primarily based on coursework, but case studies are also used to apply the theories and concepts as they are taught. As in a traditional university setting, an entry-level economics degree online will include courses on economic theory, law, politics and money management. Many programs also encourage the use of market analysis software that is currently being used by businesses.