Finance Degrees

Earning an online finance degree

Every business aims for financial growth, and a successful business will operate with a firm understanding of business finance to help it grow. Historically, companies have used financial experts to effectively invest and manage their money, and financial expertise continues to play a crucial role in society today. Indeed, finance degrees will always be helpful tools in the business world; if you are looking to rise up in the ranks of business, consider training at a finance school.

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Careers in Finance

Finance is divided into many specialized fields: you can choose to pursue a career in corporate finance, financial planning, insurance, real estate or investment banking. Financial training begins with a bachelor's degree program, after which graduates can move on to a master's degree in finance or an MBA to gain further expertise and accreditation.

Some specialties require extra certification, but you do not necessarily need another degree to specialize. For instance, if you hold a bachelor's degree in finance and decide to concentrate in financial analysis, you can earn a credential as a Chartered Financial Analyst by completing a series of three examinations. A passing grade combined with 48 months of financial work experience will allow you to work as a securities analyst or investment advisor.

In addition to a good business sense and sound educational background, successful financial professionals will need strong communication skills and should be able to easily interact with people. An ability to think critically and decide confidently will help to refine a financial professional's managerial ability, which will be vital to gain an upper-level position in a company.

Online Degree in Finance

An online finance degree will be structured around course work in areas such as corporate finance, nonprofit finance and financial analysis. Since technology plays such a substantial role in business today, students will likely learn to use popular business software programs for calculations and organization. However, calculations are only a part of a career in finance—you will need to learn to think critically and solve problems creatively in order to improve the financial situation of a business.

Since finance has so many facets, you will want to research the specific requirements of any financial career you wish to pursue. An online degree in finance can be a great way to balance your time and energy, but make sure that it comes through an accredited school and provides you with the appropriate credentials for a financial career.