International Business Degrees

Get started on an international business career

As technology continues to grow, the distance between countries continues to shrink. This lays the foundation for international business, a term referring to corporations that conduct business actions and transactions across national borders. More companies are expanding into the global market every day, and if you would like to be a part of this world, an international business school can prepare you for the challenges you will meet.

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International Business Careers

Some of the most popular careers in international business involve international trade and language education. But regardless of the specific field, all international business careers will require a solid understanding of international trade, cultural relations, marketing and management in order to appeal to the needs of specific nations. For instance, a translator might rely on a thorough knowledge of language and culture, but will likely also need to know about the details of financial transactions; on the other hand, a foreign sales representative will have an education that goes well beyond general sales concepts to include international law and cultural relations.

Of course, these concepts are not general knowledge; international business degrees are tailored to cover all of the fine details of a career in international business, and ultimately prepare you to effectively create relationships across cultural, economic and political lines. Although a bachelor's degree in international business will get you started, a master's degree (an MBA or MIM) will be necessary to secure an upper-level position in your chosen field. An MBA will expand on undergraduate knowledge, adding an element of managerial and leadership training. This degree will be challenging, but will pay off in the end.

Earning an International business Degree Online

If your lifestyle simply won't allow you to physically attend a business school, there are several options available for you to earn an international business degree online. Some accredited online programs will allow you to study a foreign language alongside your business training, while others may encourage students to specialize in a particular nation. Whether it is a global management program or a distance learning MBA that catches your eye, be sure to investigate the school: request for information to be sent to you, speak with a program coordinator and search out students and alumni of the program to get a sense of what you can expect.