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Every business must figure out what its customers want, and then convince them to buy its products or services. In fact, many agree that marketing can be more important than the actual product being sold. For those who have creative and insightful perspectives on purchasing, marketing degrees will be the best form of preparation for the competitive advertising and communications industries.

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Marketing School

To develop all the skills you will need to be successful in marketing, a basic background in business will be necessary. Indeed, advertising is just one part of marketing: in contrast to advertising school, marketing school will cover fundamental business knowledge and management principles that go beyond product understanding. In turn, it will likely be a more intensive program.

Since consumer nature and market trends are constantly changing, the scope of marketing must change with it. This means that the marketing world will need people who are both creative and analytical to find new approaches to advertising and public relations. Strong communication skills are also very important in marketing—If you like to work with people, have an interest in human behavior and love to travel, that's a great start.

To get the most out of a degree in marketing, choose your program carefully. Begin by ensuring the school is accredited—a degree from an unaccredited school will be virtually worthless when you begin to look for a job. You will also want to consider a marketing school that offers internships or job placements, which are important opportunities to gain experience and begin to network with the marketing world. A good impression in an internship will often lead to a permanent position in that same company.

Earning an Online Marketing Degree

Accreditation is just as important in an online marketing degree, if not more important. There are many schools posing as legitimate marketing schools online, so do your research to filter out the imposters. Luckily, there is some very valuable online marketing training available to suit different situations. For instance, if you are in the market for retail management training as well as a marketing education, you can find a program that is tailored to a career in retail leadership. Earning a marketing degree online can be more flexible and customized than a traditional on-campus program.