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Advertising is an important facet of business that reaches across every type of industry, and although challenging and fast-paced, a career in advertising can be very rewarding. Creativity and imagination can give you an edge in the advertising world, but these qualities will not be enough for success in such a competitive environment. A degree in advertising will build a strong business understanding to go along with your ingenuity and artistic talent, and prepare you for the challenges you will meet.

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Degree in Advertising

Advertising is comprised of informing, persuading and selling products to consumers, but an advertising career will demand more than charm and an appealing idea. To be successful in advertising, you will need good judgment, problem solving skills and a firm understanding of business communication. Given that advertising requires such a wide range of skills, a good advertising school will combine specific marketing principles with some more general business training in finance, computers and public relations. This training will place you in good standing when it comes to applying and interviewing for a job.

Advertising programs can range in curriculum and focus. For instance, advertising design school will likely concentrate on the artistic side of the business, and will include courses in website design, website development and interactive media design, as well as graphic design courses. If you are already working in the advertising field but want more job mobility, you can upgrade and enhance your skills with a project management training program instead of a full degree.

On the other hand, an advertising graduate degree will be your best course to a leadership or executive role in the field. An MBA will provide you with the management training that is required for executive-level positions, and if you choose to specialize in marketing during this master's degree you are bound to move up through the ranks fairly quickly.

Completing an Advertising Degree Online

For those who are unable to attend a full-time program at a campus, an online advertising degree will be a good alternative to the traditional college commitment. The online curriculum will closely resemble an on-campus program, and some schools have developed a reputation for high-quality online training. Kaplan University has excelled in online education, and it offers programs that center around visual design as well as business communication. The Art Institute Online also offers an inclusive program, and like Kaplan, it is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

If you decide to earn an advertising degree online, your success will rest on your interest and commitment to your program. Consider any online programs carefully before you make your choice, to ensure that it will keep you interested and motivated.